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The leverage of the Cloud, Reimagined

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Why Beelastic?


The Wide Area Cloud Infrastructure, Reinvented.

Our on-premise to data center fabric redefines network connectivity between office locations and is the true smart working infrastructure of the future. The Beelastic data center spine-leaf network and our focus on Bare Metal based solutions allows us to service almost universal private cloud use-cases.


Our Next-Gen Network.

  • 9.6 Tbps Swiss Network
  • 10 & 100 Gbps Private Waves
  • L1, L2, & L3 Overlays
  • Firewall, VPN, & Load Balancing
9.6 Tbps Swiss Network

Beelastic provides high throughput, low latency connectivity that interconnects our customer’s office locations to form a secure, and ultra-fast corporate network. Engineered to be fail-safe, eliminating both overhead and complexity, our advanced network solution provides nation-wide privacy with unbeatable SLA Uptime and at an unbeatable price.

10 & 100 Gbps Private Waves
100 Gbps Bare Metal

Our high performance, single tenant dedicated servers are readily equipped with redundant 100 GbE interfaces, and are combined with our state of the art spine leaf data center network. Beelastic provides the best server and data center infrastructure to quickly build out highly available private clouds and clusters

L1, L2, & L3 Overlays
Smart Working Solutions

Beelastic’s enterprise network solution allows corporate customers to extend their on-premise office LANs directly to our GPU enabled Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Our data center locations and network carrier selection have been selected to eliminate latency and provide the best Virtual Desktop experience possible.

Firewall, VPN, & Load Balancing
S3 & Backup Cloud

We connect corporate networks directly to our data center locations to enable the lowest cost fastest cloud archive and backup solution for our customers. Built using enterprise stable technology provided by our partners at Cloudian and Veeam, our geographically diverse cloud storage is designed to the highest possible reliability.

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