Our next-generation infrastructure accelerates your stack and enables new, high-performance workloads

Purpose built for MSPs and Enterprises

100 Gbps Native

Beelastic offers the first 100 GbE native IaaS and baremetal services within Switzerland. Our next generation infrastructure is engineered for low latency, extremely high I/O, single tenant hypervisors, clusters, and high availability.

Key Highlights:

2 x 100 Gbps Ethernet to every server

Active / Failover Network Interface Bonding

Redundant switches and routing

800 Gbps connectivity to each rack

Layer 3 to the Server

Our spine leaf mesh network is configured to provide Layer 3 connectivity to the server interface, and utilizes the latest in VXLAN overlay technology to support clusters of hypervisors, floating IP addresses, and container workloads.

Key Highlights:

BGP Multipath and Load Balancing

Floating, highly available IP addresses

100% Private, Isolated & Dedicated VXLANS for your stacks

Dedicated Provisioning and iLO Networks

Extend your on-premise to DC workloads using secure VXLANS

9600 Gbps Wide Area Network

Our high capacity Swiss Network is populated to provide up to 96 x 100 Gbps channels. We utilize the shortest paths possible to dramatically reduce latency and deliver the highest performance possible.

Key Highlights:

Cost effective, extremely price competitive

Lowest latency between Milan IX - Swiss IX - Frankfurt IX

Private 10 Gbps waves are also available

IX to IX connectivity

On-premise to data center fabric

On-premise to cloud connect fabric

White Labeled for MSPs

Our services and features are white labeled, custom brand-able, and enable MSPs to offer personalized service to enterprise customers.

How we enable & add value:

Veeam backup licenses to MSP partners

Purpose built Veeam cloud storage respository

White Label S3 storage that is suitable for both high bandwidth and archive storage use cases

Azure discounts, upgrades to Reserved Instances, and more Microsoft perks available to MSP partners

GPU Accelerated Hardware

We are Nvidia partners and machine learning evangelists. Our servers can be equipped with the latest Tesla GPUs to accelerate your workloads.

How our expertise benefits your workloads:

Engineering and scaling consulting available

SSD backed storage for high speed data mining

GPU accelerated virtual desktops

GPU accelerated inference matching

Network Security powered by Fortigate

Our cyber defense expertise combines with the industry’s fastest 100 Gbps+ next-generation firewall appliance to create a comprehensive security solution for the most sensitive applications.

How we can protect your data:

AI+ Models

Ultra low latency L7 inspection

SSL Inspection

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

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